Your Idea Could Be Your Way Out … Dare to Believe!


Dare to believe in your idea even when no one else does!

I like to share inspirational and positive stories about single moms who succeed with their ideas because they dared to believe, in spite of challenging and limitations.

This type of communication I feel is particularly significant today because of all the difficult and tragic events you are constantly bombarded with, both nationally and globally.  This daily onslaught of news can make you feel completely helpless and see your situation as absolutely hopeless.

You need to know that you are not alone.

I saw this story and immediately thought about you.

This is a true story about how a single mom, Melissa Kieling, managed to pick-up herself and her three children, after a devastating divorce to becoming the CEO of a multi-million dollar company.

As you can imagine, after her divorce, Melissa was broke and desperate.

She knew she had to get serious about finding herself a career but she wasn’t looking forward to marketing herself to prospective employers.  Her future certainly didn’t look bright from where she was standing.

When she thought about … almost a decade of being a stay at home mom chauffeuring her children to and from school and activities, homework tutoring and being the administrator of all family matters … somehow she didn’t see these as any ‘real job experience’ to be placed on her resume.

Nevertheless, desperate to provide financial support for her family, she shoved her fears and doubts aside to explore the conventional job opportunities.

But after several attempts and coming up empty at finding a job and no hope of being called for one, Melissa knew she had to go out on a limb.  Her looming parental and financial responsibilities and her commitment to her children could not be ignored.

Having failed at getting a job, she knew it was time to try something new.

She had an idea …

Turning disappointments into opportunity

After years of searching in vain for ways to keep her children’s lunches fresh and then listening to them complaining later, that their fruits were warm and mushy, after being a few hours in their lunch bags.  Melissa decided it was up to her to create the solution.

With a growing entrepreneurial spirit she took the task head on.

Was the journey easy?

Course not.  But that’s the thing about achieving success in life.  It requires emotional intelligence, perseverance, passion and most importantly, the ability to overcome failures.

It’s easy to give up under back-breaking struggles and repeated failures. But when you are committed to your children’s well-being and your dreams you will find the strength within to persevere and try again.  Desperation had led Melissa from misfortune through the gates of success.

You can read about Melissa and other single moms who became successful here

As for you my friend, you too have the tenacity to be the success you want to be in life. Don’t disqualify your ideas because you never know where they might take you. Let nothing or no one stand in your way, to achieve your dreams!

I know it’s easier said than done, but see for yourself, listen and take note. Because it can be done.

Believe it.

Go ahead, check it out and be inspired.

Finally, can you see yourself as the CEO of a million dollar Company? I sure hope so, because you’ve got it in you.

Here’s to your success at creating your financial freedom!


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