Think You’ve Had Enough, Hear The Master’s Plan Before You Quit!

Are you at a low point in your career and life, exhausted and without options?

Don’t quit. You may have had enough but don’t give up.

I know, in a world that’s fast moving, with instantaneous service deliveries, five-minute microwaveable dinners and six-second advertisement, it’s tempting to lose your patience.

But don’t.

You are not afraid of hard work, to go without and make tough decisions along the way, if at the end of the day you will receive what you want. Right?

But it is frustrating, if after working tirelessly to achieve something, you end up with nothing.

It’s hard not to give up!

So here you are at a crossroad in your life and career, standing in desperate need. Suffering setbacks after setbacks, failures after failures, while everyone around you seem to be getting ahead successfully in life.

The reality is, you can never make sense of what’s happening… life sucks!

With your personal power drained and your future hanging in the balance, you can’t help but wonder, if this is the beginning of the end?

You would love an instant response.

This could be your defining moment.

The most successful people in the world have them.

We all have them.  Those moments when we hit our lowest point.

I have had my rock bottom moments and trust me it wasn’t pretty. I had to struggle to find my way to God, even though I was a Christian.  Looking back now, if I had known simply what to do to get my deliverance, I would not have experienced so many pains and trials.

Thank God it’s all good.  I now know what to do and from that experience I can share with you the single most important thing for you to do right now.

But first, let’s evaluate …

Whether you know it or not, you wouldn’t be where you are if the gracious hand of God was not on your life.

In the past, every accomplishment, every good breaks and every obstacle you’ve overcome was God giving you the victory.

You might be saying … then why am I struggling and finding it so hard in my career … wage cuts, salary freezes and increase job losses … I can’t even provide for myself and children?!

My answer… This moment when you’re at your rock bottom, could be your catalyst for change. Perhaps it’s time to meet the One who is in control.

The Master of your circumstances

Let’s turn to a well-known Bible story, told in Luke 5:3-7.

You might have heard it before but I am going to share with you something you may have never seen before. I pray this will give you the direction you seek.

This story is about Simon, a highly skilled fisherman, who after fishing all night came up empty.

Like you, Simon has had enough.

So he decided to give up. And along with a business partner, left their boat by the shore line and got busy in washing their nets.

But then Jesus showed up.

He appeared on the scene, teaching a large crowd by the lake of Gennesaret. The same place where Simon was.  As He stepped into the boat, He asked Simon a question …

“Put out a little from the shore.”

And while this may have been an inconvenient time for Simon, it was God’s perfect timing for a change in his destiny.

This simple question directed to Simon, was a quiet invitation that produces amazing results. Jesus skillfully commanded Simon’s attention, which then shifted his focus from the trials and challenges of life on to Him, Jesus.

Now he was going to put his energy into pushing out and away from the shore.  In response to Jesus’ request.

You see, every problem you’re facing today can be solved simply by considering this question.  Will you put out a little from the shore with Jesus in your boat?

That’s exactly what Simon did. He spent time in the presence of Jesus.

Ignoring his feelings he moved forward to serve Jesus.

He moved the boat away from the shore and into the lake.  Not too far from the shore line, but putting enough distance between the boat and the crowd.  He was away from the crowd but close to Jesus.

From there he sat, listening to Jesus while keeping the boat steady.

Like Simon, when we are at the defining moment in our lives, we all have to make a decision. A decision to press through the feelings, the regrets, the disappointments and the fear and get into the presence of God.

Here’s the problem with most Christians, we believe abiding in God’s presence means meeting with Him for just an hour a day or once per week or when we’re in a crisis.

No, you have to abide in His presence!

If you’re frustrated with your financial situation, you’re anxious, you hate your job, your family life is chaotic and your health is suffering as a result, it’s time get into the presence of God and stay there.

When was the last time you’ve been in the presence of God and hear Him say “Okay, enough of you I have more people to see?!”

You will never hear Him say that.

But when you leave His presence, somehow you run risk of your emotions and life taking you on a roller coaster ride.

You may not know this, but most of the promises of God is released in this environment. The environment of peace, where you become aware of God’s presence.

There you will be able to stay unbelievably calm even during the most trying circumstances.  And there you will receive instructions and wisdom from Him.  Even a single Word from Him holds the potential of delivering your life changing breakthrough.

Why am I telling you this?

My point is, it’s what you choose to do, while you’re at your lowest point.  That defines who you are.  

Don’t get stuck. Turn off the doubt-filled mind.

What God has done for Simon HE CAN do for you, too!

That being said, here’s a huge reason why you can’t receive God’s blessings in your life.

You aren’t hearing from God.

And how can you?

It’s difficult to hear God’s voice when you’re trying to make things happen and getting all stressed in the process.

Be still. Practice spending time in the stillness of God’s presence and listen!

Are you prepared to act on His instruction today and see great changes in your life?!

I hope so.

Yours with Love,



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