Taking Your Promotion In The Midst Of Your Struggles

lifesjourneyDo you remember how many times you’ve put yourself down just because you’re going through life struggles?

For me, I have done it so often I have lost count.

But recently I’ve been taught to resist this self-sabotaging way of thinking and now I am impressed to share what I’ve learned, with you.

You see I had to understand this truth to be able to move into where God is leading me.  I had to understand that the career path that God is leading me into is independent of my status, possession and credentials.  It’s fully dependent on His favor in my life.

You see, it’s so easy to question your worth when looking around you, everyone seems to have so much.  Besides, not only has life gotten more and more complicated and competitive it seems to be the norm to see everyone as being in a better more enviable position than you.   Especially when you only need to look at your own life to conclude how “rough” it is.

Unfortunately this way of thinking is what causes us to end up into a life where we weep inwardly and yearn for more.  And this self-sabotaging mindset is one we’ve all inherited.

Here is Naomi, let’s hear her take on life.

First of all, she not only see her life as valueless she sees it as a curse!

Like most of us Naomi measured her value and self-worth by her possessions, position and prestige.  And at this low point in her life it appears to be true.  She owned none of these.

But God as a way of revealing His truth in our life, if we would pay close attention.

Falling down is a part of life getting back up is living

Regrettably due to the loss of her husband and then her sons compounded with the continuous struggles in a foreign country Naomi’s pain became unbearable.  Hence she could not look past her grief and pain.

But for the moment let’s look away from her struggles and pay attention to her influence in the lives of her daughters-in-law from her place of influence as the matriarch and the head of her family.

Now from what I’ve come to hear from many women and their experiences with their mother-in-law it’s safe to say that Naomi shared an exemplary relationship with Orpah and Ruth.

By their own cries and pleading to stay with her.  I imagine Naomi was a delight to be around, a mother and role model to these young ladies.  I am also led to believe that Naomi inspired them and in her company they found kindness, wisdom and compassion.

No doubt she had touched them deeply through her relationship with God.  The delight that washes over her mature features when she speaks about her God and the stories of her life experiences in Bethlehem.  Even the way she nurtured them as she goes about her daily business proved her love for them.

Wouldn’t you agree that by being who God has created her to be, she had made an impression on their lives which was positively life changing?

And there’s Naomi’s value.

How about you?

Perhaps you too feel stuck and increasingly distracted by your struggles which have somehow derailed your perspective in life and has suffocated and buried who you are.

So let me help you along.  Now, knowing what you do know about Naomi and in reflection of your own life and what you are going through let’s take a closer look at your role and your area of influence.  Let’s examine for a moment your role as a parent, a child of God,  a spouse, a friend, a customer, a client and I could go on …

Can you honestly continue to hold on to your belief that you don’t have any value, or putting it another way, you don’t have within you anything with which to change hearts and minds for the Kingdom of God?

Today, if you are ready for change you don’t have to remain stuck, or held back by insecurities.

Listen, the surest way of keeping me stuck and miserable in any situation in my life is when I focus on my struggles.

And my change comes as soon as I changed my perception on life and placed my focus on Jesus.  This often resulted in an immediate change in attitude.  I usually start giving thanks for the things I do have in my life.  Then I feel a refreshing and I can go on loving others and giving of myself.

You see in life, one thing is certain, you will encounter your share of struggles and it’s your attitude influenced by your belief in Christ for you, that will take you through.

Don’t limit God with your closed mind

You too can be a winner… you can be a success on any path God takes you, with or without position, status and qualifications.

For me when I started on my journey over 20 years ago and having to push my way through religion, as a believer, I didn’t know I could have such a wonderful relationship with God as I do now.  Now I can talk to Him and I can reach out to Him, even in my struggles and I no longer believe lies about Him.

Granted there are times during my struggles when it becomes a challenge for me to hear His still soft voice, due to the high level of interference from my personal fears, doubts, contrary thoughts and opinions, but once I get myself together I’m sure to hear His voice.

My friend I hope your desire to be what God wants you to be has been awaken in you and you no longer have a desire to stay in an unfulfilled life.  Don’t delay  or resist.  By refusing to go through where God wants to take you, you will remain in an unfulfilled life.

As for me, I know God is leading me through a new career path, to become an author, a place I’ve never been before and I’m happy to say I am no longer reluctant to follow.  Matter of fact, I am excited.  I am thrilled I feel more alive now than I’ve been in a long time.

Looking over my life I get emotional by the goodness of the Lord in my life and I confess God is truly amazing.  In spite of no prestige, position and possession I know for a fact God will take you places because He can.  All you need to do is be willing, be obedient and believe in Him.

Are you ready to go on the most exhilarating journey of your life?

Well then allow Him into your heart and give Him full control of your life.  Then tuck your hands into His and know that He will never leave nor forsake you.

Finally, let me encourage you to take God at His Word for you.

There may be times when you will feel scared especially when you think about what others will be saying.  But don’t worry about what others will think just be obedient to the call and I know you will achieve a prosperous and deeply satisfying life, as you take that next bold step of faith in Christ and your commitment to going forward with Him.

Here’s to the journey of your life!




  1. Diana Glinton says

    My my my… Sis. Karlene you have no idea how God is using you. I was scrolling through my phone and saw the email notification about this blog and the title caught my eye. There’s a supervisor position opened on my floor that I have basically been offered but turned down because of how “hectic” my personal life is right now. I felt as though I’m not able to handle a new position in the midst of my current struggles. But today I found out the position was still open after a little over a month and I got this sudden urge to pursue it again, this si definitely confirmation that I should. I keep thinking to myself though how will my current manager feel, how will my current staff feel, how will my husband feel, how would everyone feel except ME. This piece of writing you have shared has definitely reminded me of a friend’s constant advice to me-“promotion comes from above.” It’s not everyday a person receives a personal offer to get a promotion. Again I want to thank you for allowing yourself to be used by God. And God I thank you for being God in my life. God bless you Sis. Karlene!

    • Karlene says

      Oh Sis Diana:
      As I started reading your comments I had to laugh and bless the Lord at the same time. God is amazing! I can certainly hear your excitement and I love it. Yes, my sister just follow as the Lord leads and be open to experience great wonderful things as well as challenges along the way. God bless you, Sis Diana, it’s a pleasure serving you!

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