Serving In Love And The Power Of The Holy Spirit

Are you ministering to that person of authority in your life by your love and unwavering belief in God, or have you become too distracted by life’s challenges to bother?

You might think you don’t have the power, especially when you look at the person, but you do.  Matter of fact, the power is in you to do.

Granted a life free from distractions is a challenge on its own and I am not saying that the way to go is by your own strength.  Not at all.

But I firmly believe that where there are challenges, there are opportunities.  Opportunities for God to show His mighty powers and all it takes is your believing in Him.

See, on one hand you will have challenges and on the other hand is your God ready to show Himself strong and then, there is you.

That is why, working in partnership with the Holy Spirit and the position you take can have a life changing impact.

Therefore your position against life’s challenges is so very important and that’s what I would like to share with you today.

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Come Journey with Me on Gnotk!

Welcome to Gnotk: The Good News of the Kingdom.

I cannot tell you how tremendously blessed I feel to share with you some precious life altering truth. If you are desperate for change and to see the fulfillment of God’s purpose for your life, you have come to the right place.

I am a little light-headed to think that over the last decade, the lessons I have learned as I traveled with Jesus, from hell and back, have been positively life seeking. As you can imagine, it was tough. But through it all I have definitely learned to trust a lot more in Jesus.

As a born again, Bible believing woman of God who has suffered unnecessary setbacks and pains through ignorance, I now firmly believes in taking a stand on the Word of God.

Why? Because I have proven that the Word works.

Being happily married and a devoted mother of 3 sons had somehow, through the years, placed God a neat third or fourth in my life, until late 2008 when this ‘order’ was all set to change.

During this time, I just could not shake the deep feeling of restlessness, immense boredom and dissatisfaction with my life. I simply could not explain it. But I refused to fall into depression over it and instead took to reading and analyzing my feelings.

This continued for a while until I made a conscious decision to find out from God directly even if it meant spending the rest of my life seeking after the Lord, because only He has the power to give me peace.

Through life’s hard knocks and being reminded repeatedly of my limitations, by my peers and loved ones, I was convinced that these needs could not be met by anyone.

So I set my heart to pursue God. I was not ready to let-up or back down…

This decision soon led me to conceive Gnotk. I should point out that I am neither a writer by profession nor a public speaker, yet I have this great wish to do these for the Kingdom of God.

As a matter of fact, I grew up an introvert but as my knowledge of God increases over the years, this is changing. I am still figuring out how things work as I go along but I refuse to be subjected to fear.

Gnotk will be an ongoing project, with you in mind. It will be my profound pleasure to share with you the wonderful gems given to me along the way. This blog will be outlining my ordered steps as well as my missteps, for your edification as I walk the narrow path.

Here you will always be encouraged to build your relationship with the Lord, to believe the word of God above everything else and to share your Christian living experiences with ease knowing that you will not be judged.

You will be encouraged at all levels ‘to take action’. Learning and reading is necessary, but only to a point. You must carry out what you have learned. By doing so, you will prove God, which will ultimately build up in you, Godly faith.

Again, thank you for granting me the desires of my heart to not only share but to encourage and strengthen you with largely the joys of the Lord.