Your Idea Could Be Your Way Out … Dare to Believe!


Dare to believe in your idea even when no one else does!

I like to share inspirational and positive stories about single moms who succeed with their ideas because they dared to believe, in spite of challenging and limitations.

This type of communication I feel is particularly significant today because of all the difficult and tragic events you are constantly bombarded with, both nationally and globally.  This daily onslaught of news can make you feel completely helpless and see your situation as absolutely hopeless.

You need to know that you are not alone.

I saw this story and immediately thought about you.

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If You Know Where, Who And What … Your Success is Guaranteed.



If you’re searching for success in your career  or in your life, I have news for you.  It could be right under your nose.

Have you ever caught yourself searching for something that was right under your nose but you couldn’t see it?

I have lost a lot of time myself searching for success.  That’s why I would like to share my story which I hope will help you avoid costly mistakes, and possibly shed some light on the areas where you might be wasting your time.

I hope that you will see that your dreams for success is not as hopeless as it seems.

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The Mentor You Should Never Go Through Life Without

The Ideal Teacher You Can't Live Without

Do you ever find yourself dreaming about how you’d like your life to be?

Sadly, no one received a manual at the time of their birth about how to travel through life successfully.

I wish I did.

Still there are provisions made for us.

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God Help Me

What do you do when your persistent approach in search for success only ends in frustration?

Well my first response is to get angry. Then after a while, I try doing the same thing again, hoping that the results will be different the next time.

After all, I have always considered myself to be a woman of faith committed to a good cause. I never paid much attention to the fact that you will get the same result every time you do the same thing… duh… it never even entered my thoughts.

So I continued on chasing an elusive dream. For years, my dream for financial success eluded me.

Maybe your dream is for a fulfilling relationship, or it may be for good physical health… maybe for that particular job or career path… whatever. If it is important to you and you are convinced that once achieved it will make you happy and complete, then…

But as a believer, the problem is as you launch out on your own and by your own authority, the more you pursue, the more the dream becomes elusive. And more often than not, it seems like you are fighting a losing battle.

You are constantly struggling to take control of your life. You have waited for your breakthrough and your deliverance. You are faithful to God in your giving and tithing… and yes, sometimes you have fasted and prayed all night.

And despite your best efforts, your positive attitude and resilience, you continue making more bad decisions and choices, which inevitably plunges you even deeper into a myriad of disappointment and frustration.

Like you, I have entertained the thought of giving up too.

But then I would see or perhaps catch a glimpse of what I so desperately yearned for. Then a flicker of hope would rise up and I would start the chase again. This time believing that I would finally accomplish my dream.

Needless to say, it never panned out well for me. All that resulted to was my life spiraling out of control speedily heading further towards disaster along with anyone in it.

For years I stood by clinging to my debris, heaped and messed up mentality and cried out to God for help. My constant prayer and cry was…

Lord I am so tired… please help me! 

My turning point came in the year 2008…

In the spring and leading up to summer of that year, I went out with a work mate and girlfriend of mine on a lunch break. This particular girlfriend whom I will call “Alice” had lost one of her sons several months earlier and she was trying to hold it together as well as her family through the ordeal.

So I tried to be there for Alice as much as I could. In fact it was my pleasure to listen to and encourage her, as she grappled with her grief and tried to make sense of it all. The aftermath of turmoil in her community, her family and work life on a whole was ready to take their toll.

Now on this particular day while we walked, talked and listened to each other, I remembered I had a troubling issue which kept bearing down on my mind.

See, I had two sons expecting to start their second year in college and I had no idea where or how their fees were going to be paid even though I believed they were going to be paid.

So as our conversation paused for a moment, I mentioned my concerns to Alice.
I said my sons’ college fees were due and I did not have the slightest idea where this money was coming from.

I admit I had put it out to her, purely to hear any suggestions she may have had. I was fishing for ideas. You know the saying, two-heads-better-than-one?

Her immediate response to me was ‘seek ye first the kingdom of God…’.

My God… you could have knocked me down with a feather. This was not the response I expected. I was stunned and particularly offended. Somehow I felt like she was judging me. This of course, was far from it but I was momentarily speechless. Can you imagine?

And I immediately, thought… how dare her!

Fortunately, all that was happening in my head did not register on my face and our lunch went pretty well… thank God. It was incident free… my lunch did not go down the wrong way.

But, I’ll say this…

I was not a happy camper

Not in the least.

Anyway, by the time we returned to the office. I had made my decision. I was determined to find the kingdom because I was not going to continue living this way.

As a child of God, I refuse to.