Life Restored From Emptiness To Resourcefulness

Are you at a very dry and hard place in your life … tired, empty, helpless and miserable… thinking that God is mad with you?

You are anxious about the emptiness in your life and the direction it is going because of bad decisions and wrong choices you have made in the past. 

Truth is, whatever area you are helpless and anxious about, it can rob you of the peace of God. 

Which is what I would like to share with you today.

How to get to the root of your problem and to find the peace that only God gives.   

Keep in mind, it’s not so much what you need to do but who you need to take you to the place of peace and there you will receive the abundant life you seek.

See, not so long ago I was at the very place you are now and when I realized Jesus and only Him has what I needed.  I shrugged past leaning on my understanding to getting to know Him more deeply. 

I felt then, and still do today, that I needed to and I am glad I did.

All Was Driven By A Need To The Only Source

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Kingdom Commitment Conquers Rejection

Rejoice in the Lord, you who loves Him …you who fears the Lord … who delights greatly in His commandments.  Though you may seem insignificant by the world’s standard know this, by heavenly standard you are Jesus’ descendants upon the earth.

Therefore, you are mighty on the earth.

Believe it or not, you will not be happy when you allow the fear of rejection to shut down the calling which the Lord has on your life or to stand in the way of your preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God, or working in the Kingdom.

Besides, what would your life be without Jesus?

Recently I received three rejections …two of which were business transactions … within days of each other.  I was stunned.  I didn’t see them coming and I went away thinking, “God what was that about?”  Granted, they were nothing major … I had other options available but I admit, I still felt the impact of rejection.

And so, I prayed to the Lord to give me a clearer perspective so that it won’t rob me of my joy in Him.  Praise God I soon forgot about it and my joy and peace in the Lord remains.

However, a few days ago, it was impressed upon me to study Luke Chapter 4:14-30.

Today I would like to share with you how I’ve learnt to handle rejection the way Jesus did.

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See Jesus

Every day you are greeted with bad news … which is why you have become so immune to the bad things happening all around … after all, you have your own problems and trials wrestling with.

Immediately the gate to your mind flew open and like a flood your problems rushes to the forefront of your thoughts … financial lack and inadequacies,  health issues and an abusive dysfunctional relationship…

Enough to make your faith buckle

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