Get Off The Fence

Not deciding on which side of the fence you are sitting can definitely hurt your bottom line.

Can you afford to continue in this same position for the rest of your life?

Frankly, if from the outside it seems that everything is going well for you and you have it all together.  But within you are experiencing constant turmoil… you are unhappy, unfulfilled, fearful and more often than not miserable …

You need to get off the fence … this is not the place for a child of God.  But your decision to change is entirely yours.

Are you a participator or a spectator?

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See Jesus

Every day you are greeted with bad news … which is why you have become so immune to the bad things happening all around … after all, you have your own problems and trials wrestling with.

Immediately the gate to your mind flew open and like a flood your problems rushes to the forefront of your thoughts … financial lack and inadequacies,  health issues and an abusive dysfunctional relationship…

Enough to make your faith buckle

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