Still Struggling For Financial Breakthrough? Try Changing Your Position

Father embracing daughter (4-5), smiling

You, like so many Christians raising a family on your own, maybe thinking of ways to improve your financial situation.  But so far…no change.

Each day you can’t help but wonder how you’ll ever get ahead in life as a single mom, living on your tiny income.

Life has been an uphill battle managing your money while trying to figure out a way to get ahead. Scrimping and working your fingers to the bones have become a matter of course.

Still you kept on going.  Your belief for change has always been the fuel behind your unrelenting pursuit but despite all your efforts you saw no sign of financial breakthroughs.

You don’t want to give up hope but … what if your situation never changed…

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Taking Your Promotion In The Midst Of Your Struggles

Be Bold

lifesjourneyDo you remember how many times you’ve put yourself down just because you’re going through life struggles?

For me, I have done it so often I have lost count.

But recently I’ve been taught to resist this self-sabotaging way of thinking and now I am impressed to share what I’ve learned, with you.

You see I had to understand this truth to be able to move into where God is leading me.  I had to understand that the career path that God is leading me into is independent of my status, possession and credentials.  It’s fully dependent on His favor in my life.

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Your Desire to Hear From Jesus is Real

Could it be that your desire to hear from Jesus is a sign that He desires to speak to you?

I’ll confess, as a woman of God committed to the Word and the needs of others, sometimes it can become a challenge to keep the main thing the main thing especially when so many things competes for my attention.

But even then, I still cannot ignore that strong desire to spending time with the Lord.  And this is what I’ve experienced, if you will allow this conflict to continue without spending quality time with Jesus, it will affect your peace of mind and disposition.

I am writing this article with you in mind, so try not to carry on business as usual without first reading what I’m about to say to you.

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