How Bad Do You Want Security For Your Children?

our daddy is awesomeWhere can you find refuge from a world gone mad?!

When you are bombarded daily with bad and conflicting news from mainstream media, with negative reports on outbreak of drug resistant viruses, spiraling out-of-control news of doom and gloom, cries of natural disasters and threats of increasing terrorism which continue to invade and disturb your peace, not to mention your own personal issues.

With all this madness going on, is there any hope for our children?

Is it any wonder you want to flee … find a way of escape!”

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Rising From Despair & Facing The Challenges Of Unplanned Single Parenting

Life doesn’t always turn out the way we expect it to.

How come you didn’t see it coming?

Why does it seems like when you’re least prepared and without warning … BAM! You’re thrown for a loop with nowhere to turn.

  • Who plans after vowing “I Do” and a couple of children later to be left alone?
  • Who believes that of the 50% marriages that end in divorce, yours would be among the statistics?
  • And weren’t you blindsided when you were left out in the cold, for someone else to raise the children by yourself?

Blindsided from the shock of separation and the sudden change in circumstances just leaves you feeling empty inside and yet filled with a deep sadness and despair.  A heart filled with sadness and anger over the broken promises that keeps repeating themselves in your mind, over and over again.

Every time you remember the tell-tale signs that you should have paid attention to, you get more angry.  How could you be so trusting.

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God’s Grace The Source Of all Blessings

I don’t know about you but as a parent I am very concerned about the social issues that are negatively affecting our children and the unprecedented decline.

Recently my ability as a parent was truly undermined and I was totally at my wit’s end.

My youngest son, who is eight years old, was in a cycle of repeated suspensions from school which events were not only unchartered territory for me, in my many years of parenting, but they were beginning to take a toll on my peace of mind.

My husband and I tried everything in our powers to get him to stop but nothing seems to work.

And recognizing our inabilities, I decided to take this matter to the Lord and ask his counsel on this issue and His word reminded me … Blessed shall be the fruit of your body… [Deuteronomy 28:4].  The Lord empowered me to deal with the problem and not getting all stressed out.

The life and future of our son was way too important to ignore.

Recognizing that we were in real battle …I not only call upon the name of the Lord I took him to the Lord, to the real source of blessings, and that’s where we are… glory to the most High God. [Matthew 19:14, Mark 10:14, Luke 18:16].

I understood that the way to go forward is to go in the fear of the Lord.

The devil is a liar!

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Our Daddy is Awesome

our daddy is awesome

our daddy is awesomeIsn’t it strange that as believers we don’t automatically and naturally take heed to the Word of God and to continue living in obedience to it? It is just not natural.

Isn’t that strange?

Well here is the spoken word of Jesus to us:

Matthew 18:3

“And said verily I say unto you, except ye be converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Have you ever observed a child and seen certain qualities which are common to most, if not every child?

Love Spending Time with Daddy

Having fun and being seen with parents is, I believe, every child’s greatest joy.

And whenever they are not with the parent, every opportunity they get is “… my mommy says this or my daddy says that and my mommy is … or my daddy is … ”.

Yes, they have great pleasure in sharing and boasting about mommy or daddy. The exhibition of this tendency always brings a smile to my face. No doubt you can add a few childlike tendencies, which you have observed.

But in contrast, once the child grows up, these tendencies inevitably change and for right or for wrong, going out with friends and enjoying more time with them instead becomes the norm. And what was so fun before becomes totally unacceptable as he or she gets older.

Why this change? I believe the cause is self-centeredness.

This has also been my experience when I first got filled with the Holy Spirit. Every chance I got, I would spend time reading the Bible, praying and or meditating and to top it off, going to church meetings where I had great fun too.

But after the cares of this world began to take priority in my life, I started to look elsewhere for friendship and enjoyment. I became very self-conscious and pretty soon going to church, prayer and reading the Bible became a drag.

This growing up and out of your position sets the tone for powerlessness and mediocrity in any believer’s life.

Allow me to share how the disciples after the death and resurrection of Jesus yearned for Him. Perhaps you will see other qualities which I invite you to share.

This quality resulted in the submissiveness, obedience and their complete trust in Him.

For this purpose I would like to look at the Gospel of John, Chapter 21 verses 3 – 19. Because in this scripture, I was able to see where the disciples (although grown men and adults) had gotten to a place where their nature became childlike in relation to their insatiable need for Jesus.

So after the death of Jesus, Simon Peter and the other disciples were together feeling lost, lonely and deeply saddened. I believed they were at their lowest state and very disheartened.

Lost because they, like Israel, was looking and waiting for the Messiah, the kingdom of God and having met and being in the company of Jesus believed him to be the Savior but, he was killed…

Now All Hopes were Dashed

Or, so it seemed.

They were lonely because Jesus was no longer with them and they missed Him so much it was simply too painful to imagine life without Him. Life no longer made sense.

And so, they huddled together, overcome with grief and perhaps stricken with fear. Fear that the Jews who had succeeded in killing Jesus would no doubt be coming for them next. Their future seemed very dismal.

Isn’t it strange but true, that it often takes catastrophes and near death experiences to bring about a conversion in our lives?

As for Simon Peter I think his burden of guilt and shame was much more than he could bear mentally.

Anyway, the passage went on to tell us that Peter got up and said that he was going fishing and all the other disciples who were there then all agreed to go with him. The disciples, however, still looked to Peter as a leader.

I guess Peter just could not bear to sit around waiting, thinking and fighting these debilitating thoughts any longer. So he decided to return to fishing, where at least he would be doing something useful.

After all, fishing was his life. Right? A life he knew.

But all night despite their ability and their efforts…

They Caught Nothing

At daybreak there was nothing to show for their time, but they were not ready to give up. They waited for a catch. By this time I figured they must have been hungry, weary, cold and frustrated. Have you ever been at such a place in your life?

Well, you are not alone.

Then they heard someone say, “Children, have you any food?” and they immediately answered “No.”

Mind you they did not know who it was, but they were not about to enquire. They instinctively answered the question.

Straight away they were given this instruction: “Cast the net on the right side of the boat.”

Now here is a thought: Could it be that these experienced fishermen after spending so much of their physical efforts and time were actually fishing from the ‘wrong side’ of the boat or could it be that they had tried casting their nets from both sides but were unsuccessful?

Let’s continue. You will see that they had tried all angles.

But like children ready to submit and obey. They did not argue. They simply obeyed.

And the scripture recounts that they cast, and now this tells me that they had indeed tried both sides of the boat. They were not able to draw their net in because of the multitude of fish.

Make no Mistake There is Power in God’s Word!

You see, John has come to know by experience and by association with Jesus, the power of His Words. It always brings results. No matter what!

Now this result was nothing short of miraculous and John, one of the disciples who were also one of the fishermen with Peter, said to Peter “It is the Lord?”

When Peter heard that the Lord was present, he forgot about fishing, his fellow fishermen and the great catch and dived into the sea to reach the shore where Jesus was. Peter was no longer self-conscious. He was God-conscious.

You see, Peter had a need which only Jesus could fill.

When they came to land where Jesus was, they saw all that they needed. Nevertheless, Jesus asked that they bring some of what they had caught.

And Simon being so strengthened and energized by what he saw, immediately moved into action dragging the net filled with large fishes to land.

After which Jesus invited them to breakfast and served them.

Now it’s important to note here that up to this point – the disciples were not absolutely certain that this was Jesus, but none dared to ask. Why?

I believe they were willing their hearts to believe and to bring their minds under subjection to Jesus.

I also believe during the serving of breakfast, they became fully persuaded in their hearts as He ministered to their needs with perfect love. Despite their shortcomings, their failures, their contrary ways and their actions.

He ministered lovingly to them.

And They Began to Trust in Him Completely

When they finished eating breakfast and after their collective needs were satisfied. Jesus then turned to Peter to deal specifically with the primary issue that he was grappling with.

His love for Jesus seemed to be forever questioned and his weakness taunted him by the adversary. But Jesus came to put him in the right mindset and the fulfillment of his purpose in the kingdom of God. As you may recall, Peter had denied knowing Jesus three times out of fear of what men would have done to him.

So Jesus made him confess three times his love for Him and re-established his purpose and his ministry, a position Peter was not now likely to take lightly as he shared with him the way in which he was going to leave this world and concluded with the instruction “Follow Me.”

Peter was committed.

And the rest is history.  They all went up to Jerusalem and waited for the baptizing of the Holy Spirit and they went on to be movers and shakers of the earth. Awesome!

Let the mind that was in Jesus be in you for the Bible says in Luke 2:40… “Jesus grew and became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom; and the grace of God was upon Him.”

Let Jesus be your companion today. Let the passion you had before come alive again in His presence, like a burning torch.

Yes, He is able to supply all your needs but that is not our primary focus or motive to follow, to love and to submit ourselves to Him. No. The fact is, we can boast in God because He is truly, really, wonderfully and absolutely – Awesome.

Let Jesus live through you today. Arise and declare His Awesomeness!