How Bad Do You Want Security For Your Children?

our daddy is awesomeWhere can you find refuge from a world gone mad?!

When you are bombarded daily with bad and conflicting news from mainstream media, with negative reports on outbreak of drug resistant viruses, spiraling out-of-control news of doom and gloom, cries of natural disasters and threats of increasing terrorism which continue to invade and disturb your peace, not to mention your own personal issues.

With all this madness going on, is there any hope for our children?

Is it any wonder you want to flee … find a way of escape!”

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Why Prayer Won’t Work To Restore And Improve Your Marriage Unless You Do

unhappy marriage
Unhappy in my marriage
Unhappy in my marriage

“In the United States, researchers estimate that 40%-50% of all marriages, and 60% of second marriages, will end in divorce or permanent separation.”

Perhaps you too feel trapped in an unhappy and painful marriage and had it not been for your children and the constant struggle with the option of divorce you would have called it quits a long time ago.

So before you succumb to all the reasons why you too should throw your marriage away please know there’s hope.

I get that when things get broken we naturally throw them out and replace them with new more updated versions.

But what if you would take a different stand on your marriage and hand it to God for fixing?

Interestingly, while researchers support divorce, in some circumstances, they suggest that the best option for all would be to repair the relationship and keep the family together.

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Stop Punishing Yourself. Get On With Your Life God Is Not Angry With You


changeIf you seriously believe that God is angry with you and has been punishing you with tragedies after tragedies in your life… you need to read this?

As a believer let me break this news to you …God doesn’t hold grudge and He is not in the business of torture and revenge.  God is essentially and passionately on our side and His desire is definitely not to punish anyone or to see them perish ultimately.

So where did you get this ridiculous idea?

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You Can Live in His Loving Presence and Never Leave

Are you sitting and wondering how to get back to that place of anointing you had when you were born-again, when everything seems to work for you?

You remembered how passionate you were for Christ then but … in the past, you had dropped the ball a couple of times, so you have narrowed the cause for your present remorse, down to your foolish and stubborn actions.

The truth is, we all have acted foolishly far more times than we care to remember.  But the problem did not start with our actions or omissions, for that matter.

It really started from the mind.

See, whatever you think about or allow to occupy and dominate your mind at any particular time … perhaps old habits or deeds … have the potential to lead you away from the loving presence of God.

To where you are currently.

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A Heart Transformed By Love Neutralizes All Malice

Have you ever come against deep hatred and malice by member or members of your church family for no clear reason?

Well, I have.

Without going into too much detail here, I can say just after giving my life to the Lord, about 18 years ago while living overseas.  I had to seek shelter from strangers.

But the Lord was with me.  He showed me mercy and gave me favor.  During that time, remarkably, I forgave them from a heart miraculously transformed.

I admit, if this had happened before I had given my life to the Lord, it would have been an entirely different story to tell.

I believe for every born-again believer who truly knows God and experienced His love, it’s not hard for them to believe God and His Word and thereby gains strength under the blows of adverse times.

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