How Bad Do You Want Security For Your Children?

our daddy is awesomeWhere can you find refuge from a world gone mad?!

When you are bombarded daily with bad and conflicting news from mainstream media, with negative reports on outbreak of drug resistant viruses, spiraling out-of-control news of doom and gloom, cries of natural disasters and threats of increasing terrorism which continue to invade and disturb your peace, not to mention your own personal issues.

With all this madness going on, is there any hope for our children?

Is it any wonder you want to flee … find a way of escape!”

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What Will Keep You In Your Battle?

Have you ever wondered how some born-again Christian believers lose faith, never to return, while others keep the faith even when they are constantly surrounded by adversities?

Well, I’ve often wondered.  So let’s see what these faithful Christians have that the others lack.

First of all, we agree we cannot pray away adversities and temptations from our lives, so then I believe we need to learn how to overcome them.

Perhaps today, as a leader you are in the midst of a battle which you feel you are in all by yourself.

And in this instance you may feel justified in grumbling and complaining or tempted to take a leave of absence, if only to clear your head, to regroup… just to get away…

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The King And You United By Faith

As a Christian, do you go about denying your faith in Jesus?

You don’t.  Ok.

My next question is:  How is it when your faith comes under vicious threats and opposition …by way of your finances, your health, your relationship, even your very life … you have such a hard time to keeping it together?

Yes, you call on the Lord but somehow you neither have the patience to wait nor the courage to be still.

Relax, I am not judging you.  I am speaking from experience and as I am led.

Right now you are overwhelmed with problems, distracted by fears and doubts and disconnected from God.  Your problems become your main focus.

As to why you cannot keep it together.  It begins with your misplaced…

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Get Off The Fence

Not deciding on which side of the fence you are sitting can definitely hurt your bottom line.

Can you afford to continue in this same position for the rest of your life?

Frankly, if from the outside it seems that everything is going well for you and you have it all together.  But within you are experiencing constant turmoil… you are unhappy, unfulfilled, fearful and more often than not miserable …

You need to get off the fence … this is not the place for a child of God.  But your decision to change is entirely yours.

Are you a participator or a spectator?

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See Jesus

Every day you are greeted with bad news … which is why you have become so immune to the bad things happening all around … after all, you have your own problems and trials wrestling with.

Immediately the gate to your mind flew open and like a flood your problems rushes to the forefront of your thoughts … financial lack and inadequacies,  health issues and an abusive dysfunctional relationship…

Enough to make your faith buckle

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