Serving In Love And The Power Of The Holy Spirit

Are you ministering to that person of authority in your life by your love and unwavering belief in God, or have you become too distracted by life’s challenges to bother?

You might think you don’t have the power, especially when you look at the person, but you do.  Matter of fact, the power is in you to do.

Granted a life free from distractions is a challenge on its own and I am not saying that the way to go is by your own strength.  Not at all.

But I firmly believe that where there are challenges, there are opportunities.  Opportunities for God to show His mighty powers and all it takes is your believing in Him.

See, on one hand you will have challenges and on the other hand is your God ready to show Himself strong and then, there is you.

That is why, working in partnership with the Holy Spirit and the position you take can have a life changing impact.

Therefore your position against life’s challenges is so very important and that’s what I would like to share with you today.

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Rest and Arise Victorious

Rest in Jesus first …

Not in frustration, doubt and discouragement.

To rest the mind and body is a discipline which we all must learn and allow it to be a part of our lives.  For the most part many of us find the act of resting extremely irritating and challenging.  To tear ourselves away, physically and mentally, from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and to simply sit and do nothing.  Is simply unheard of for many of us.

But believers must practice to do this everyday.  For this is the secret to all growth.

This led me to think, how can I practice solitude in my life?

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Who Has Your Heart?

As I pondered over what to write about today, my mind wandered to a low point in my life when I was stuck in despair and loneliness and I remembered the Lord embracing me as I stood in my kitchen. There I felt the overwhelming power of His love wash over me and take me out of that dark place. This was about three years ago.

And way before that, about fourteen years earlier, I had a similar heavenly experience when I received the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Yet up to that day, three years ago, even though I was living the life of a Christian by obeying the rules of do’s and don’ts for many years, I never experienced such overwhelming love.

So in reflection, I realize that the loving presence of the Holy Spirit does not come about because of your goodness or worthiness and certainly not by your performance. It touches your life when you begin to see the goodness and worthiness of Jesus Christ. It’s all about Him and who He is to you.

The place to be to receive God’s love depends on how you see Jesus.

Jesus the King of hearts

If you would take some time and follow Jesus through the Gospels as he ministered, you will see that multitude of people followed after him. Huge crowds were drawn to him by his words and his actions. His teaching, preaching and the performance of miracles by Him were awesome, amazing and oh so inspiring. He was like a magnet.

During which time, Jesus neither condemned those who came to him nor turned away those who were brought to him. He ministered to their every need with loving kindness.

The crowd who followed after him unceasingly, as well as His disciples, knew in their heart they weren’t good men and women, but sinners in need of salvation. And they pursued after Jesus for He showed and gave to them what they so desperately needed, love and attention.

And I find to this day and in this generation, the same need exists. We are all hungry for love… real love and attention.

Well, the Lord knows about your needs as well as mine and He is ready and well able to fulfill them, which He has proven from the beginning of time to this day.

Jesus is more than ready and equipped to give you all the love you need and until you receive God’s kind of love, you will not be able to give true service in the Kingdom of God.

Preparing your heart to know Him

In Matthew 13: 3-23 Jesus taught about the different conditions of a person’s heart and I believe you will recognize your own heart’s condition from this scripture and how spiritually healthy or unhealthy you are.

In retrospect, after examining my heart a couple of years ago by this same scripture, I was shocked to see that my heart looked more like a hard, stony and weed covered ground…

Yikes! Yes, I was a mess.

Anyway, as I meditated on “how to prepare my heart?”, the story of Esther, that young woman mentioned in the Old Testament, came to mind. Feel free to read Esther chapter 2: 1 – 18, for your ease of reference and to see where I am going here…

After entering into the king’s house and being placed in the custody of the keeper of women, Esther was immediately provided with all that she needed for her purification. This is a process which lasted for 12 months which all the ‘chosen’ young virgins were required to go through before becoming intimate with the king.

You will note that when the time came for her to be with the king and after her purification process was completed, Esther and only Esther of all the young women required nothing.

This tells me that Esther’s heart was full. She asked for nothing more. Her desire was only for the king. She was ready to be with him.

And so when she was taken to the king, the king loved her above all the other virgins and she obtained grace and favor more than all the others that were before her. In fact, the king’s adoration and love for her resulted in him crowning her queen.

The preparation of your heart to know God begins with you spending quality time in the Word and being enlightened by the Holy Spirit.

I believe you should make this activity a daily habit until it becomes an irreplaceable part of you. Meditate on it day and night and consistently give God’s Word first place in your heart and indeed every area of your life and you will experience deliverance and victory in your life.

This too pleases the Lord.

Many Christians err in thinking that a relationship with God is dependent on their performance. This is far from the truth and I will even go as far as to say this error can cause you to lose out big time!

He desires you to serve Him with all your heart

Whatever holds first place in your heart other than Jesus must go.

Why? Because it is impossible for you to serve two masters. You do not have the ability of being faithful to more than one person at the same time nor can you do your best in two separate areas at the same time.

You must get to the place where the cares of this life no longer have a hold on you. For example, you have lost the desire to acquire stuff, which you mistakenly feel will make you feel better once attained. And this is the biggy for me… holding on to old grudges and painful experiences from the past.

I also find in my experience things and people that usually upset me no longer did. I was pretty much willing to let things go. Forgiving others become much easier and my general attitude towards others simply changed for the better. And I could go on.

At the appointed time when your heart has been prepared and Christ in His fullness is known to you, you will experience His love and a personal intimate relationship which is not comparable to anything of this earth.

You yourself would have chosen this way, since this way cannot be forced upon you.

A life transformed by the love of God is one that ministers. You will see that your life will be a blessing beyond your wildest dreams.

You will live your life in the Kingdom of God with hope and expectancy, not by coincidences. For your life shall unfold effortlessly like a flower opens up and captivates with its sweetness… Yes, God influences and touches lives through you… this is His will and divine plan.

And there is no earthly benefit that can be compared to this.  You will be able to answer the call by stepping into your place, a deeply satisfying and fulfilling role which only you can play in the world today.

My friend, this is only a glimpse, but that will give you so much happiness and contentment because God is in it for real.

Finally, let me refer again to Queen Esther and what she received. Look at the role she played through her relationship with the king!

I dare you to prove God and see for yourself what He will do for you.