Finding That Missing Piece To Fill Your Life With Meaning

finding the meaning to life

Finding the missing partAre you searching for that missing piece in your life looking for satisfaction?

It’s no fun having to go through life without that important someone, or the feeling that there’s something missing without which you feel totally incomplete.

As strange as this might seem to some people, there are many people struggling to find the missing piece in their lives.

You are not alone.

Not knowing what to do to add meaning to your life leaves many in a spin.  To experience the passion others seem to have for life, is a concern I once grappled with years ago.

There was a period in my life, when I felt totally empty. I felt there was something missing but I was clueless as to what the missing piece was and I just could not figure it out…

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Rest and Arise Victorious

Rest in Jesus first …

Not in frustration, doubt and discouragement.

To rest the mind and body is a discipline which we all must learn and allow it to be a part of our lives.  For the most part many of us find the act of resting extremely irritating and challenging.  To tear ourselves away, physically and mentally, from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and to simply sit and do nothing.  Is simply unheard of for many of us.

But believers must practice to do this everyday.  For this is the secret to all growth.

This led me to think, how can I practice solitude in my life?

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