Still Struggling For Financial Breakthrough? Try Changing Your Position

Father embracing daughter (4-5), smiling

You, like so many Christians raising a family on your own, maybe thinking of ways to improve your financial situation.  But so far…no change.

Each day you can’t help but wonder how you’ll ever get ahead in life as a single mom, living on your tiny income.

Life has been an uphill battle managing your money while trying to figure out a way to get ahead. Scrimping and working your fingers to the bones have become a matter of course.

Still you kept on going.  Your belief for change has always been the fuel behind your unrelenting pursuit but despite all your efforts you saw no sign of financial breakthroughs.

You don’t want to give up hope but … what if your situation never changed…

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The King And You United By Faith

As a Christian, do you go about denying your faith in Jesus?

You don’t.  Ok.

My next question is:  How is it when your faith comes under vicious threats and opposition …by way of your finances, your health, your relationship, even your very life … you have such a hard time to keeping it together?

Yes, you call on the Lord but somehow you neither have the patience to wait nor the courage to be still.

Relax, I am not judging you.  I am speaking from experience and as I am led.

Right now you are overwhelmed with problems, distracted by fears and doubts and disconnected from God.  Your problems become your main focus.

As to why you cannot keep it together.  It begins with your misplaced…

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The Holy Spirit and You

Therefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: …  [2 Cor 5:17]

Put another way, your spirit is brand new. It neither has nor knows sin. This truth may sound… unbelievable… but it is the truth.

Let us take a look at the picture of Jesus, since He is the author and finisher of our faith. This picture I cannot help myself from gazing at, over and over.

Jesus was God, but he had a human body, correct?

Well his body had to grow in the knowledge and wisdom of God.

How much more, you who was born of the flesh? You must be subjected to and by the word of God. A discipline which is essential to your growth in the knowledge of God.

Having been born again of the water and the Holy Spirit, the same spirit which was in Jesus, has all the power and components which will make your life an effective, victorious and fulfilled one.

And without, you are living far below your potential and the standard which God has for you.

That being said, I know there are many Christians who are ‘born again’ but their life has taken on a subservient role that is down trodden and littered with frustration. I can relate.

See, this lackluster and defeat riddled lifestyle happens when you are not believing to use what you have within to the glory of God.

In other words, you put very little emphasis and or value to it.

On the other hand if you take stock of what is within you, you can be like the woman with the ‘little’ oil who, at the words of the prophet and her obedience, soon experienced a supernatural increase which not only benefited her house but her community as well.

She became a very successful entrepreneur overnight.

Have faith in the word of God

Believing the word of God, above everything that you see naturally, and what the Holy Spirit teaches about Jesus and your identity in Him will ultimately produce your deliverance.

This growth in faith will not happen overnight and it does not come about by you doing nothing.

So do yourself a favor and pay attention to that strong desire for the word of God and the companionship and fellowship of Jesus which will come upon you.

From my experience, this is more than likely your queue from God to receive from Him. As a young child seeks for food from his mother.

Do not ignore the Holy Spirit.

This yearning and seeking after God is common to all who are born of the Spirit and, the truth of the matter is you can only be truly satisfied when you receive from Him.

But not all live in obedience

As you mature and grow in the word of God and your relationship with Him, you will begin to see who you are in Christ.

You will see that ‘the position’ that Adam and Eve had lost way back in the generation of man, mentioned in the book of Genesis, has been restored to you, through the Grace of God in Jesus.

But the problem that we all face, being born of the flesh, is that we often fall prey to Satan’s lies.

When you believe the lies brought to you by Satan through craftiness and his perversion of the truth, you run the risk of following your feelings, your emotions and senses and not the still soft voice of the indwelling Holy Spirit.

So now that you know better, take hold of the truth and let the Holy Spirit and His word, be your guide, your teacher, your helper, your friend… everything you want Him to be for you.

Just don’t give up. When you stumble and even when you fall, and you will since you have never walked this way before, don’t give up.

Keep on following Jesus

Know that He remains with you with hands of mercy stretched out still. Be encouraged in the love that God has for you as you grow.

Finally, another point I would like to add that I have learned through my experience. Don’t focus on yourself and whatever you have or have not done.

You will get ‘stuck’ with this attitude.

Again, look only to Jesus, focus on Him and see His works, which guarantees your righteousness or right standing in God.

Be glad and rejoice for his works solidifies your relationship with God and your authority and dominance over sin and its destructive fruits.

Believe Jesus and what he has done for you.

My fellow readers, to neglect, disregard and discount what Jesus has accomplished for you to inherit eternal life will disqualify you from fully enjoying your life here on earth and experiencing the fullness of the victorious Christian life.

Again, this too is a gift from God and according to your belief you may or may not receive it.

But it’s really your call…