Still Struggling For Financial Breakthrough? Try Changing Your Position

Father embracing daughter (4-5), smiling

You, like so many Christians raising a family on your own, maybe thinking of ways to improve your financial situation.  But so far…no change.

Each day you can’t help but wonder how you’ll ever get ahead in life as a single mom, living on your tiny income.

Life has been an uphill battle managing your money while trying to figure out a way to get ahead. Scrimping and working your fingers to the bones have become a matter of course.

Still you kept on going.  Your belief for change has always been the fuel behind your unrelenting pursuit but despite all your efforts you saw no sign of financial breakthroughs.

You don’t want to give up hope but … what if your situation never changed…

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Think You’ve Had Enough, Hear The Master’s Plan Before You Quit!


Are you at a low point in your career and life, exhausted and without options?

Don’t quit. You may have had enough but don’t give up.

I know, in a world that’s fast moving, with instantaneous service deliveries, five-minute microwaveable dinners and six-second advertisement, it’s tempting to lose your patience.

But don’t.

You are not afraid of hard work, to go without and make tough decisions along the way, if at the end of the day you will receive what you want. Right?

But it is frustrating, if after working tirelessly to achieve something, you end up with nothing.

It’s hard not to give up!

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Following Your Internal Compass To The Career You Love


intuitiongnotkAre you feeling trapped in a career you hate but can’t figure out which direction to go?

You’ve for years, been going around in circles in your career.  First you love your job, and then you get tired of it a few years later.  Then you settle in a period of restlessness which leads further into frustration and unhappiness.

To escape this emotional upheaval you’ve changed jobs every few years to drum up some satisfaction and fulfillment in your work life as well as a way to keep up with the going rate, since your raises wont.

Now, here you are again at the end of another cycle feeling trapped… and clueless.

You might not know this but your dilemma is one that’s affecting over 90% of the American population.  You’re not alone – so don’t despair.  I’ve experienced those exact feelings in my career.

And it was no fun.  Here’s why …

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Stop Punishing Yourself. Get On With Your Life God Is Not Angry With You


changeIf you seriously believe that God is angry with you and has been punishing you with tragedies after tragedies in your life… you need to read this?

As a believer let me break this news to you …God doesn’t hold grudge and He is not in the business of torture and revenge.  God is essentially and passionately on our side and His desire is definitely not to punish anyone or to see them perish ultimately.

So where did you get this ridiculous idea?

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