Taking Your Promotion In The Midst Of Your Struggles

Be Bold

lifesjourneyDo you remember how many times you’ve put yourself down just because you’re going through life struggles?

For me, I have done it so often I have lost count.

But recently I’ve been taught to resist this self-sabotaging way of thinking and now I am impressed to share what I’ve learned, with you.

You see I had to understand this truth to be able to move into where God is leading me.  I had to understand that the career path that God is leading me into is independent of my status, possession and credentials.  It’s fully dependent on His favor in my life.

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The Mentor You Should Never Go Through Life Without

The Ideal Teacher You Can't Live Without

Do you ever find yourself dreaming about how you’d like your life to be?

Sadly, no one received a manual at the time of their birth about how to travel through life successfully.

I wish I did.

Still there are provisions made for us.

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