Serving In Love And The Power Of The Holy Spirit

Are you ministering to that person of authority in your life by your love and unwavering belief in God, or have you become too distracted by life’s challenges to bother?

You might think you don’t have the power, especially when you look at the person, but you do.  Matter of fact, the power is in you to do.

Granted a life free from distractions is a challenge on its own and I am not saying that the way to go is by your own strength.  Not at all.

But I firmly believe that where there are challenges, there are opportunities.  Opportunities for God to show His mighty powers and all it takes is your believing in Him.

See, on one hand you will have challenges and on the other hand is your God ready to show Himself strong and then, there is you.

That is why, working in partnership with the Holy Spirit and the position you take can have a life changing impact.

Therefore your position against life’s challenges is so very important and that’s what I would like to share with you today.

So let’s now take a closer look at the example shown in Daniel’s life, specifically Daniel chapter 6,which can benefit us all.  You will see how he handled life’s toughest challenge and why God delivered him.

A heart fully committed to service

From the outset, Daniel from his youth had a heart committed to God, in service and otherwise.  Since he along with others went into exile, from Judah, by king Nebuchadnezzar.   The king of Babylon.

You may recall his zeal for God when, around that time, king Nebuchadnezzar commanded them to eat the meat and drink the wine from his table but Daniel determined that he would not defile himself with the meat and wine from the king’s table [Daniel 1:8].

As Daniel grew older, it was obvious in the kingdom that the Spirit of God was on him.  He had exceptional qualities.

His insight, intelligence and outstanding wisdom gave him recognition from kings and catapulted him into leadership roles above his peer and throughout the kingdom.

The excellent spirit in Daniel, king Darius also recognized and desired that Daniel would be set over his entire kingdom.  Which position meant that Daniel will be above 3 presidents who ruled over the 120 princes in the kingdom.

Unfortunately, some of the officers felt threatened that such favor be placed on Daniel and the perceived power that comes with such a promotion.  The solution for them was to get rid of him.

Daniel’s accusers knew that he carried out his responsibilities honestly and with integrity of spirit, blameless.  They could not fault his character except they cause a conflict between the king and His God.

So they concocted a plan which when played out would show his disloyalty to the king.

Now the king under their council made into law, a decree forbidding anyone throughout the kingdom to petition their gods or anyone, except to the king himself, for 30 days.

This plot the leaders felt confident would bring Daniel to his death or at the very least, discredit him.

Loyalty of Service Challenged

However, they failed to see that by coming against God’s anointing, they were in direct opposition to Daniel’s God.  This proved a grave mistake on their part. [Daniel 6:24].

Make no mistake about it, Daniel was aware of the law and understood its implication.

Nevertheless, when it came time for him to pray to His God, Daniel’s only response to the threat placed on his life was to ignore it.

He chose to ignore the king’s law and instead willingly submits to the main calling on his life, which was continual service to His God.

And so, his accusers, positioning themselves as witnesses, outside his windows heard him praying to His God.  The very thing the law forbade him to.

Daniel knew the plan of his enemies and he also knew the God whom he serves continually.  But with a mind stayed on God, he confidently leave the outcome to Him.

Public Display of Loving Obedience to God

Still, Daniel’s decision had a rippling effect.  His heart may not have been fearful but king Darius’ heart was in turmoil.

After the king’s officers … and Daniel’s accusers … came to report Daniel’s crime, which was punishable by death, the king himself got very angry and distressed.

He partly blamed himself for not foreseeing the devious plot against Daniel who continually serves his God and his anger grew.

Burdened with guilt, fear and his futile attempts to alter the law, the king had never felt so powerless in his kingdom.  His hands were tied.

Finding himself without an option, the king recognizing his dilemma looked to Daniel’s God to deliver him.

As he walked with Daniel to the lions’ den, whether to put his mind at ease or to reassure Daniel of his innocent in this conundrum, the king said:

The God whom thou servest continually, he will deliver thee. [Daniel 6:16]

Those were the last words spoken by the king to Daniel before he sealed the stone at the mouth of the lions’ den.

The king filled with despondency about Daniel’s welfare and perhaps for his own soul, his thoughts kept him up throughout the night and he had no peace.  He was impatient for daylight.

As soon as he arrived at the lions’ den, the king inquired, almost dubiously:

“O Daniel, servant of the living God, is they God, whom thou servest continually, able to deliver thee from the lions?” [Daniel 6:20]

Servant of the Living God Delivered

You can imagine the king’s delight and relief when he heard Daniel’s greetings of utmost sincerity and respect coming from the lions’ den.

Besides, not only was Daniel delivered from the mouths of the hungry lions but king Darius too received his deliverance, as he listened to Daniels’ testimony and his praise and thanksgiving to God.

The testimony of Daniel plus his body free from any injuries reinforces to king Darius, the mighty power of God and he too believed in the true and living God of Daniel.

Matter of fact, Daniel belief in His God and his deliverance by God had a profound effect on king Darius and by extension the kingdom.

A kingdom which had no problem, before this, serving other gods.  But the king now converted was happy to proclaim the good news of the Kingdom of God and of the only true and living God.

And like in generations past, likewise in this generation, there are many who claims to serve God yet also serves the works of their hands.  This practice is never acceptable to God.

When it comes to serving God there is only one way to serve Him which is, with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind.  In other words, it’s about loving God above and beyond everything else.  That’s the only acceptable way.

Course I am not talking to unbelievers here, I am talking to born-again believers who are careful to follow the Holy Spirit.  Which Spirit will train you how to love God and your fellowmen to the point where, even your very flesh revolts.

So you know, it’s not even in your own natural ability to love God like you should.

Loving Service to God Takes Power

This power you and I were not born with naturally.  But having been born again,  spiritually, we have been endued with power and this excellent Spirit, from on high.

And this is our testimony:  God has given us eternal life through Jesus Christ.

Know this truth:  Jesus who knew no sin, conquered sin for us on the cross.  Therefore, there is no sin in your life that you cannot be freed from.  The blood of Jesus cleanses us from all unrighteousness. Jesus has made you free.  He has the power to and He did.

Believe it.

Last, but not least, you now have the power to live above every sin and shame, through Jesus.  Who, if you willingly submits, will reign supremely in your heart through the mighty power of the Holy Spirit.

And again, let me remind you here that this power of the Holy Spirit is the supernatural force, the power of God Himself in us.

My friend, isn’t it a wonderful thing that God should choose to work His marvels of grace through you and me?  That He should couple Himself with our frail, poor vessels to do His purpose and accomplishes miracles?

Truly we are blessed and highly favored of men by the grace of God.

Like Daniel we can stay humble, because we know we neither make nor save ourselves.  God does both the making and the saving.  He creates each of us in Christ Jesus to join him in the work He does, the good work he has gotten ready for us to do.

So go ahead and live your life committed to please God and believing Him because that’s a life open to great catches.

As always I look forward to you sharing your testimony with us as the Holy Spirit,  through you, continues to win souls for the kingdom of God.




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    I want to start off by thanking My Father, The Lord, for hanvig chosen me I know that He chose me for a purpose. I also want to thank you, Susan, for sharing your knowledge and for encouraging and guiding me in my spiritual walk. I was born a Hindu and I simply went through the motions of performing the rituals’ that my mum and other family members performed, without any understanding. I experienced a restlessness and an emptiness when I was in my 30 s and started exploring my spirituality. At the age of 37, in 1997, the vacuum was filled when I asked Jesus to be my LORD.This will be my third Daniel fast the first was a few years ago almost a haze. This year’s fast was different (with the help of your site) I grew spiritually I was more disciplined and diligent but during the course of this year, my spiritual walk became erratic and my quiet time has become very infrequent. I am trying to be more disciplined and I want to get back on track and draw closer to My Father and I believe the fast will help me to get back on track. I want to be effective in the Kingdom and I want to portray Jesus as my Savior and provider to my unsaved family. I am trusting God for my family’s salvation. I am also trusting God for a breakthrough in my business which I believe He called me into, after almost 30 years of being employed in a secure corporate business. I have been in business for just over two years now and the business has been struggling. I am praying for God’s favor over my business and I am trusting that God will use me to break the financial bondage that His people are trapped in. I know that God is in control but I often struggle with relinquishing control I am praying that through this fast I will be able to relinquish control completely. I know that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me in my own strength, I can do nothing. I give God all the praise, glory and honor and I pray that He will always be glorified in and through me.

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