Need Financial Increase? Trust God Even When It Makes No Sense!

If you have trusted God for an increase in your income and you’re feeling disheartened because you cannot see your way out of your financial struggles, take heart!

She who trusts in the LORD will never be disappointed.

I have a message of hope and encouragement for you today.

God cares for you!

Your heavenly Father sees you trying to stay afloat in your finances.  He is not blind to the obvious challenges you face trying to provide for yourself and family and He is certainly not deaf to the words you kept telling yourself – “if I don’t take care of these things, no one else will.”

Unfortunately, even though we have received salvation, it doesn’t automatically solve our financial struggles.

Fact is, we are operating under a world system, which by its design, keeps us from experiencing God’s best.  For example, we work at jobs we don’t like, we do things we don’t want to do and if we are not careful we easily lose sight of the favor of God in our lives.

Been there, done that.

Like many, I was driven to work.  And to make ends meet, I relied on borrowing.  I felt that this was an easy option but honestly, I never felt comfortable with the idea.

I kept thinking my life would be so much better with more money at my disposal. I always had a full-time job but my salary just never seem to be enough to meet my needs.

This went on for years.

Still I believed the Word of God.  But after years of waiting for change, trusting and hoping I had to quit kidding myself.

What’s wrong… why wasn’t I prospering like the Word says?

The startling revelation…misplaced trust!!  

Truth is, I wasn’t really trusting God.  I trusted in the influence of money and its implied power in my life.

Can you imagine how stunned I was?

I had it all twisted.  I wanted to know how to make this right.

The following Scripture was given to me as a point of reference, which I am about to share with you.

Let’s take a look at what trusting God really looks like, especially when under the extreme pressures of life compounded with the threat of your beloved children being taken from you and placed into slave labor.

This is exactly what happen to the widow in 2 Kings 4:1-7.

Interestingly this woman’s dilemma came about from the simple act of borrowing.  A choice her husband made.

Her husband, from all appearance, was a faithful, honest and decent man in ministry. However, he could not manage on his little salary.  So in order to make ends meet, he took out a loan which he had every intention of repaying.

But the Lord called him home before he had a chance of repaying the debt.

His death sent his wife into a tailspin. Not only was she thrust into the predicament of managing on her own without any warning, she also had to repay the loan in full.  The widow had to find a way to come up with a quick solution to save herself and sons from ultimate disaster.

Trusting God’s provision for your increase.

The widow knew by faith, the only solution for her was to run to the man of God (a prophet called Elisha) for help.

Now when Elisha saw the distraught widow and heard her plight, his heart swelled with compassion for her.  He wanted to help.

“What do you have in your house?” he asked her.

Well of course she didn’t have anything.  According to the world’s standard she was just a poor widow left to live off welfare with her sons.  She didn’t own the house she lived in; she didn’t have a car she could sell and no expensive furnishings she could pawn.  Nothing, she didn’t even have a job.

In a voice barely audible and choked with tears she heard herself say … “Only a little oil.”

And that’s all the man of God needed to hear.

Elisha then laid out an easy to follow plan of action for her. The activities were quite simple. Nothing she or her sons didn’t have the ability to do right away.

And that’s exactly what she did.

Stepping out in faith and obeying Elisha’s instructions, to the last detail, without questioning or doubting. [2 Kings 4:2-7]

The widow trusted the man of God completely and God prospered her supernaturally!

What this widow did is what many Christians fail to do, and as a result, never received their Father’s blessings in their financial struggles.

Clearly this woman’s attitude is in stark contrast to her late husband’s.  His wages wasn’t enough so he went to the loan sharks for solution.  Completely discounting the oil that he had.  The widow, on the other hand, although drowning in debt and without a dollar to her name, saw value in the little oil.

Why? Because she recognized that the oil represented God’s favor in her life. She had seen money come and go … never enough … but the oil remains.

Are you standing in the way of your financial blessings.  Looking for more money and thinking that more money would make your life better?

Big mistake… you will continually be disappointed and frustrated!

My friend, financial prosperity God’s way, is never about trusting in money.  It’s always about trusting God and His favor and anointing in your life over everything else- including money – even in the face of adversity.

As you can see, God is faithful. There’s nothing He has done for others that He wont do for you too. Trust God and allow Him to guide you through to your financial freedom.

To your financial freedom!



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