Still Struggling For Financial Breakthrough? Try Changing Your Position

You, like so many Christians raising a family on your own, maybe thinking of ways to improve your financial situation.  But so far…no change.

Each day you can’t help but wonder how you’ll ever get ahead in life as a single mom, living on your tiny income.

Life has been an uphill battle managing your money while trying to figure out a way to get ahead. Scrimping and working your fingers to the bones have become a matter of course.

Still you kept on going.  Your belief for change has always been the fuel behind your unrelenting pursuit but despite all your efforts you saw no sign of financial breakthroughs.

You don’t want to give up hope but … what if your situation never changed…

Change your position and see what happens!

Like you, I have faced many difficult situations trying to provide for myself and kids.

I admit life would have been ten times worse for me if the Lord didn’t always provide me a good paying job as well as blessed me with good health and good dose of positive attitude. Nevertheless I still had hard time managing money.

Being an ambitious single Christian woman caring for twins, didn’t help either.  Life was a struggle but I learned to ride obstacles with a great attitude.  I always felt hopeful that things will eventually change in my favor.

And so when I got married I thought my financial struggles would be over, gone, a thing of the past…but I thought wrong!

It was worst.   My problem became the subject of many very heated arguments in our home.

I longed for peace.

Why the struggle after working so hard?

It took me years to understand that the cause behind my financial struggles was the position I held.

This is what I know for sure…

Since starting my first job, to having twins and after becoming a believer in Christ, I always told myself I was the provider.

I didn’t know any different.

I figured it was up to me to provide comfortably for myself and family.  I was passionate about my role as the provider for my children and clung to it, like a prized trophy, even after I got married.

As a result, this wrong belief along with the pressures of life had me chasing after money for years. Hoping to achieve financial freedom but completely oblivious that God’s plan for my financial freedom doesn’t rely on the natural results of hard work.  

Your deep-seated belief will keep you stuck!

Here’s the thing, as a Christian, if you see yourself as the provider your reality will be much the same as mine was.  You will continue to feel stuck and frustrated.

See, repeating that God is your provider is not enough if you continue to see yourself – NOT God – as the source of your provision.  This is why, despite your best efforts, you have yet to free yourself from the struggle.

The pressure and stress come about when your old belief continues to dictate that YOU are the provider.

For example, when you continue to believe that you are responsible for all the factors that lead to your income and your livelihood.  That’s your old belief causing you stress.  And the pressure comes when you want to control the circumstances that are really outside of your control.

Why you should let go and let God BE your provider

As a parent, consider your own responsibility towards your children and all the sacrifices you have made to prove your willingness to do whatever it took for your children.  Wouldn’t you be hurt if after all you’ve done for them, their response is to doubt your love and reject the sacrifices you’ve made?

Well, at its simplest, that’s exactly how we sometimes rejects and blocks our Father’s blessings from entering our lives by trying to handle everything on our own.

Listen, when you believe that your Father loves you unconditionally and you begin to realize the true value of His favor on your life, you’ll happily let go and let God do for you what you can never do for yourself.

Moreover, you will no longer have anxiety attacks over the next bill that drops in your mailbox or emergency cost that hits you.  NO… you wont be anxious, instead you will calmly take everything and anything to God in prayer and … with thanksgiving let your requests be known to God [Philippians 4:6]. 

All because you have obtained an amazing peace of mind, which is another benefit to changing your position from being “the provider” to being “provided for.”!   

Until next time, please share your thoughts with me in the comments section below I’d really love to hear from you about your current issue with money as you too rise to the challenge of following God’s laws of prosperity.

Love Always,


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