Need Financial Increase? Trust God Even When It Makes No Sense!


If you have trusted God for an increase in your income and you’re feeling disheartened because you cannot see your way out of your financial struggles, take heart!

She who trusts in the LORD will never be disappointed.

I have a message of hope and encouragement for you today.

God cares for you!

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Still Struggling For Financial Breakthrough? Try Changing Your Position

Father embracing daughter (4-5), smiling

You, like so many Christians raising a family on your own, maybe thinking of ways to improve your financial situation.  But so far…no change.

Each day you can’t help but wonder how you’ll ever get ahead in life as a single mom, living on your tiny income.

Life has been an uphill battle managing your money while trying to figure out a way to get ahead. Scrimping and working your fingers to the bones have become a matter of course.

Still you kept on going.  Your belief for change has always been the fuel behind your unrelenting pursuit but despite all your efforts you saw no sign of financial breakthroughs.

You don’t want to give up hope but … what if your situation never changed…

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How Bad Do You Want Security For Your Children?

our daddy is awesomeWhere can you find refuge from a world gone mad?!

When you are bombarded daily with bad and conflicting news from mainstream media, with negative reports on outbreak of drug resistant viruses, spiraling out-of-control news of doom and gloom, cries of natural disasters and threats of increasing terrorism which continue to invade and disturb your peace, not to mention your own personal issues.

With all this madness going on, is there any hope for our children?

Is it any wonder you want to flee … find a way of escape!”

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Think You’ve Had Enough, Hear The Master’s Plan Before You Quit!


Are you at a low point in your career and life, exhausted and without options?

Don’t quit. You may have had enough but don’t give up.

I know, in a world that’s fast moving, with instantaneous service deliveries, five-minute microwaveable dinners and six-second advertisement, it’s tempting to lose your patience.

But don’t.

You are not afraid of hard work, to go without and make tough decisions along the way, if at the end of the day you will receive what you want. Right?

But it is frustrating, if after working tirelessly to achieve something, you end up with nothing.

It’s hard not to give up!

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Your Idea Could Be Your Way Out … Dare to Believe!


Dare to believe in your idea even when no one else does!

I like to share inspirational and positive stories about single moms who succeed with their ideas because they dared to believe, in spite of challenging and limitations.

This type of communication I feel is particularly significant today because of all the difficult and tragic events you are constantly bombarded with, both nationally and globally.  This daily onslaught of news can make you feel completely helpless and see your situation as absolutely hopeless.

You need to know that you are not alone.

I saw this story and immediately thought about you.

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Rising From Despair & Facing The Challenges Of Unplanned Single Parenting

Life doesn’t always turn out the way we expect it to.

How come you didn’t see it coming?

Why does it seems like when you’re least prepared and without warning … BAM! You’re thrown for a loop with nowhere to turn.

  • Who plans after vowing “I Do” and a couple of children later to be left alone?
  • Who believes that of the 50% marriages that end in divorce, yours would be among the statistics?
  • And weren’t you blindsided when you were left out in the cold, for someone else to raise the children by yourself?

Blindsided from the shock of separation and the sudden change in circumstances just leaves you feeling empty inside and yet filled with a deep sadness and despair.  A heart filled with sadness and anger over the broken promises that keeps repeating themselves in your mind, over and over again.

Every time you remember the tell-tale signs that you should have paid attention to, you get more angry.  How could you be so trusting.

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Why Prayer Won’t Work To Restore And Improve Your Marriage Unless You Do

unhappy marriage
Unhappy in my marriage
Unhappy in my marriage

“In the United States, researchers estimate that 40%-50% of all marriages, and 60% of second marriages, will end in divorce or permanent separation.”

Perhaps you too feel trapped in an unhappy and painful marriage and had it not been for your children and the constant struggle with the option of divorce you would have called it quits a long time ago.

So before you succumb to all the reasons why you too should throw your marriage away please know there’s hope.

I get that when things get broken we naturally throw them out and replace them with new more updated versions.

But what if you would take a different stand on your marriage and hand it to God for fixing?

Interestingly, while researchers support divorce, in some circumstances, they suggest that the best option for all would be to repair the relationship and keep the family together.

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Finding That Missing Piece To Fill Your Life With Meaning

finding the meaning to life

Finding the missing partAre you searching for that missing piece in your life looking for satisfaction?

It’s no fun having to go through life without that important someone, or the feeling that there’s something missing without which you feel totally incomplete.

As strange as this might seem to some people, there are many people struggling to find the missing piece in their lives.

You are not alone.

Not knowing what to do to add meaning to your life leaves many in a spin.  To experience the passion others seem to have for life, is a concern I once grappled with years ago.

There was a period in my life, when I felt totally empty. I felt there was something missing but I was clueless as to what the missing piece was and I just could not figure it out…

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If You Know Where, Who And What … Your Success is Guaranteed.



If you’re searching for success in your career  or in your life, I have news for you.  It could be right under your nose.

Have you ever caught yourself searching for something that was right under your nose but you couldn’t see it?

I have lost a lot of time myself searching for success.  That’s why I would like to share my story which I hope will help you avoid costly mistakes, and possibly shed some light on the areas where you might be wasting your time.

I hope that you will see that your dreams for success is not as hopeless as it seems.

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Following Your Internal Compass To The Career You Love


intuitiongnotkAre you feeling trapped in a career you hate but can’t figure out which direction to go?

You’ve for years, been going around in circles in your career.  First you love your job, and then you get tired of it a few years later.  Then you settle in a period of restlessness which leads further into frustration and unhappiness.

To escape this emotional upheaval you’ve changed jobs every few years to drum up some satisfaction and fulfillment in your work life as well as a way to keep up with the going rate, since your raises wont.

Now, here you are again at the end of another cycle feeling trapped… and clueless.

You might not know this but your dilemma is one that’s affecting over 90% of the American population.  You’re not alone – so don’t despair.  I’ve experienced those exact feelings in my career.

And it was no fun.  Here’s why …

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