How Bad Do You Want Security For Your Children?

our daddy is awesomeWhere can you find refuge from a world gone mad?!

When you are bombarded daily with bad and conflicting news from mainstream media, with negative reports on outbreak of drug resistant viruses, spiraling out-of-control news of doom and gloom, cries of natural disasters and threats of increasing terrorism which continue to invade and disturb your peace, not to mention your own personal issues.

With all this madness going on, is there any hope for our children?

Is it any wonder you want to flee … find a way of escape!”

I can certainly relate.

There was a time, when I wished I had the power to not only keep my children close to me but to watch over them, like a hen watches over her chicken.  I wanted the assurance that they will always be protected.

For these reasons, I almost drove myself insane with worrying. It had gotten to the point where I became increasingly anxious whenever my sons leave home just to go about their normal business.

Is it possible that the fear of the world has made us more fluent in its language rather than the language of our new birth?

As a parent, I know it’s easy to become fearful.  But this way of living and thinking really bothered me deeply.

I wanted to know the truth, so I checked the Book of records to see, if this “concern” I have for my children and their future, is entirely unique to me and how I can break free from this bondage.

We are not alone.

According to the Scriptures, Lamech, the son of Methuselah, had similar concerns about the future of his children, just like we do, but that’s where the similarity ends because he didn’t allow his concern, to affect his language or his vision.

I dug deeper and here’s what I found.

When Lamech, had his first son, whom he called Noah, he said of his name – “He will comfort us in the labor and painful toil through sin.” [Genesis 5:28].

After the death of Lamech, the Lord Himself was deeply saddened with the course the world had taken.  He also confirmed the horrible picture of man’s evil actions and its effect upon the world. Not only spanning the days of Lamech but throughout all ages.

In the Holy eyes of God, time was like a scroll before Him.  The past, present and future were wide open.

And while destruction of humanity caused His heart to ache, the prophetic Word which was spoken over Noah by his father, is the Word that God watches over, to bring to pass.

God’s divine plan vindicated Lamech’s vision and cemented our hope.

God ALWAYS has a way… Here’s a peek.

The Scripture tells us, that Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.

You know the story about Noah?

The man who obediently followed the instructions of God and built an ark.  Then along with every member of his house, gathered every kind of animals and birds, two of each kind, into the ark. For 40 days and nights, there they stayed in the ark, while the heavy torrential rains came and battered the earth.

Finally, when the rains subsided it appears humanity had been wiped from the face of the earth.

That was the sight that greeted the family, when they emerged from the safe confines of the ark and looked around them over the earth, some 150 days later.  They were the only humans who survived.

Noah, his family along with the animals were protected and saved.

The rest of the world, outside the ark, perished.

On one hand, the judgment of sin was pronounced and on the other hand righteousness was revealed.

You will be comforted

While your concerns are legitimate ones, it’s good to know that nothing takes God by surprise.  God already sees all the pains, the injustices, the catastrophes and terrors which humanity will experience but through His promises He has made provisions for us, His children.

Simply put, there are no traps planned or set by the devil that God has not already provided an escape.

I’m sure you’ll agree that, as parents, our concerns for our children and their welfare, is quite similar or as close as we can possibly get, to understand just how much our well-being and eternal future means to our Father.

One thing is for sure, He is able to provide for us at a level we cannot, of ourselves, do for our children.

This truth liberated me and gave me the peace of mind I desperately needed. From my experience I’ve learned, it becomes a lot easier and less stressful when you learn to “let go and let God” take care of your children. You have to be willing to set aside your way for God’s way.

God’s way to keep His children safe

Think about it: God became public with His vision and purpose, articulated in a language that destroys every known barrier.  Indeed, His demonstration of  His unconditional love for the world at large is second to none.

What does that mean for you and your children?

You my friend, can find security in Jesus, the true ark that God has provided for your escape. Trust Him and you will no longer have to struggling with fear and anxiety.

By now you do know that’s the devil’s way of robbing you of your happiness and peace of mind, right?

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. [2 Timothy 1:7]

He has the power to watch over and keep your children safe and protected too!

Stay in the true ark, it’s your sanctuary, a place you can enjoy peace even though you’re physically in a world torn by fears and doubts.

Am I saying you will never hear negative reports and bad news?

No I am not.  Because you will.

But here is the thing, in the true ark, you’ll have the strength to overcome. You get to ride above the storms of life, when it does happen. There the bad and terrifying news can neither shake your faith nor distract you from enjoying God’s grace.

Yes, we are living in a crazy world, there’s no denying that, but you and I can choose to rest in the true ark of God!

Truly, you too can live your best life!



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