Hi there!

If you are a career minded ambitious Christian, a single mom, or a minister with big dreams that believes God for financial breakthroughs, you are at the right place.

In a nutshell …

2010 marked the beginning of my blogging journey and gnotk was founded. This site originally started as a way to share the good news of the kingdom of God borne out of the desire to encourage and empower struggling believers.

At that time, I felt compelled to write about the incredible life changing benefits I was receiving after giving God first place and making Him the Ruler of my life.  The moment I intentionally reconnected with Jesus was the moment “I” began experiencing tremendous changes especially within my personality.

For sure, this relationship has been extremely liberating.  And honestly, you can’t help but have supernatural faith with Jesus by your side.

I am super excited to continue to share with you more incredible life changing benefits attached to journeying with Jesus Christ as He continues to show me the better way, particularly in the area of my finances, where I have been struggling for decades.

Everyone is struggling in some area of their life.  I am no different.

NOW by the grace of God I feel completely liberated tackling my financial issues!


I believe life is too short to be stuck in a financial rut!

Truth is I’ve always believed to live the abundant life, which includes radical changes to my finance.

Have you ever felt like finally living a life without financial woes. When you’ll have the ability to provide for yourself and family comfortably, while doing work that fulfills you and above all be a blessing to others without the uncomfortable restraints of bills to pay?

We’ve all tried working harder and longer to achieve financial freedom.  Many of us have changed jobs, even careers, but still financial freedom seems out of reach.

I have gone through this cycle and frankly it’s exhausting!

Finding the path to financial freedom.

I have struggled to find the path that would take me away from money worries and stress but just wasn’t quite sure about the right direction.  As a result I have fallen off track many times.

Until I finally turned to God… my last resort… for help!

Do you believe God for your financial breakthrough?

If you are serious about allowing God into your financial struggles you are welcome to join me on my journey to financial freedom.

You will learn the biblical principles I am learning and implementing as well as the mistakes, deep-seated fears and self-doubts that had plagued my every move and contributed to my money worries for decades.

Perhaps you will see some similarity in your own life and be blessed with some great, simple tips you can use immediately!

Just think about the possibilities.

Again thank you for spending time with me, I hope this is the beginning of a lifelong relationship between us.  Don’t forget to share with me here a concern or comment you are currently having in the area of your finances.

To your financial breakthrough!