Welcome to my personal journey to financial freedom …

Perhaps like so many Christians, you are frustrated by your continuous lack in the area of your finance.  You have worked hard and continue to believe God for your financial breakthrough, but still you kept coming up short every time.

Your situation has gotten to the point where, you can’t help but wonder …

Does God really care?

I can relate.

I know how stressful it can be when after  years of trying to improve your financial position you end up financially worst off. Or when you’ve tried mixing the Word with the world’s system only to feel more frustrated and confused.

I’ve been there.

Like you I have tried for years, decades even, without seeing any significant change to my finances. But fed up with chasing money, after my last disappointed venture, I drew a line-in-the-sand…and declared…

“No more!”  There must be a better way.

In all the years I’ve been struggling to find the better way, I’ve found only one solution: Let God in!

Friend, you no longer have to continue struggling and striving under the burden of supporting yourself and your family as well as carrying the responsibility of producing the financial blessing in your life too.

Just follow God’s laws of prosperity!

Starting now, take a hold of the Word of God, specifically relating to prosperity.  By letting of the stress and worries that come with the responsibility of being able to adequately provide for yourself and family and trusting in God’s way …

You’ll prosper exactly the way God wants you to.

Sadly, many believers have been programmed and influenced by the world than by God’s Word and as a result have taken on the burden of achieving their own financial freedom on themselves.  This is wrong!

This is not the way God wants you to think and act. He wants you to follow His lead, based on His Grace.

Look around you and see God’s creations and all the wealth of the earth.  Do you truly believe God created all the wealth on this earth for Satan and unbelievers, who consistently curse Him and disobey His laws, to inherit and have dominion over the earth, while His children continues to struggle and do without?  Of course not!

As a child of God this picture is definitely not a true reflection of your Father’s love for you.

It’s The Father’s will that you should Prosper.

Poverty does not glorify God!

Don’t forget, God already provides the best for you, but it has to be your free will to truly want it. To want it bad enough to receive. Just because you’re a child of God doesn’t mean you will prosper automatically.

But you will most certainly begin to receive and see changes when you choose to obey God’s Word, believe them in your hearts, apply them in your life, and in any area of your struggle and stick to them with unwavering faith.

A teacher of the Word whom I greatly admire says, and I quote:

“There should be a difference between Christians and unbelievers – between people who have a covenant with God, and people who are trying to do it all on their own…We shouldn’t be out in the world chasing money and struggling to survive the same way that unbelievers are.  God wants us to prosper, and we have a covenant that includes financial prosperity. God is pleased when you prosper!...”.

I totally agree.

So while I’m on the road to my financial freedom, I will be sharing Scriptural principles that go deep into the heart of my financial problems and greatly impacted my life.

It’s my hope that you will be deeply inspired to take control of your finance and get on the path to your own financial freedom.  For more on how you too can trust God to turn your finances around be sure to join my email list here.